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In partnership with Plainsboro Pharmacy, Rover Labs aimed to promote essential services such as COVID-19 testing and online ordering, enabling Plainsboro Pharmacy to deliver efficient and convenient healthcare solutions to its customers while expanding their outreach, amid the competitive landscape of commercial pharmacies within the community.


The presence of a large chain pharmacy across the street can be daunting for local pharmacies, even those that have been well-established in the community for many years. In response, Plainsboro Pharmacy aimed to provide their community with COVID-19 testing while maintaining their commitment to personalized care for their patients. They created a welcoming medical space that enabled residents to detect and minimize the spread of COVID-19, all while feeling comfortable and supported by their trusted local pharmacy.


Increased Engagement

Rover Lab's efficient and timely testing outperformed other labs and commercial pharmacies, leading to an increase in patronage not only from the local community but also from neighboring areas.

Personalized Outreach
Rover understands not everyone has the same needs, questions, experiences. The pharmacy was able   

Seamless Reporting

Our system makes it easy for patients to get their test results without any hassle or registration. Just provide your phone number, and our CLOUDLIS system will send your 


password-protected results straight to your phone. To unlock them, simply use your four-digit birth year for security.


  • Rover CloudLIS

  • On-site PCR Testing Program

  • COVID-19 Test Program

  • Independent PCR Testing Program

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