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In partnership with the Future Leaders Institute (FLI), a small K-8 charter school with less than 400 students, Rover Labs provided comprehensive end-to-end COVID-19 services. Rover Labs conducted an in-depth analysis of their facilities to determine the optimal placement of testing equipment and supplies. 
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Future Leaders Institute required support in creating a safe and healthy learning environment for their young students, who may be more susceptible to transmitting viruses due to their age and potential lack of understanding around the importance of reducing transmission risk.


  • On-site PCR Testing Program

  • Rover CloudLIS 


Instantaneous Messaging

FLI was able to rapidly detect individuals who had contracted COVID-19 even if they were asymptomatic, and take swift action to prevent the spread of the virus. This helped to mitigate the risk of outbreaks and protect the health and well-being of the school community.

Premium Assistance

FLI didn't have the resources to create a COVID-19 assessment plan. Our team was able to take a leadership role in developing and executing a comprehensive plan. We were able to provide FLI with a turn-key solution that addressed their specific needs and requirements.

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