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In partnership with Golden Years Assisted Living Facility, Rover Labs provides comprehensive testing services, offering a multi-faceted COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV combination test, along with a thorough UTI PCR Panel to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.


Golden Years Assisted Living Facility faced several critical challenges related to resident health and community engagement:

Comprehensive Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the annual threat of influenza and RSV, posed a significant health challenge to the elderly residents at Golden Years. Ensuring their health and safety against these multiple respiratory viruses was paramount.​

Preserving Personalized Care

Golden Years had a long-standing tradition of offering personalized care, and it was essential to incorporate comprehensive testing procedures without compromising the residents' sense of comfort, trust, and personal connection.


Enhanced Resident Safety

The inclusion of a comprehensive testing panel allowed Golden Years to safeguard its residents against multiple respiratory viruses. This broad-spectrum testing significantly reduced the risk of outbreaks within the facility, providing peace of mind to residents and their families.

Seamless Reporting

Rover Labs' comprehensive testing system ensured that residents and community members could easily access results for COVID-19, Influenza, RSV, and the UTI PCR Panel without hassle. The user-friendly CLOUDLIS system streamlined the result retrieval process, minimizing stress and confusion for residents.


  • Rover CloudLIS- A user-friendly system for result reporting that simplified the process for both residents and staff.

  • On-site PCR Testing Program- Ensured swift and accurate testing within the facility, minimizing exposure risks and providing convenience for residents and staff.

Increased Trust and Patronage

The availability of an all-inclusive respiratory virus testing panel, along with the thorough UTI PCR Panel, further increased patronage, not only from within the facility but also from neighboring areas. Residents and their families appreciated the dedication to safety and well-being, along with the convenience of comprehensive testing.

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